Amy LaVere



What I’ve been up to this summer…

First: the making of a Sun Tribute Record! Boy, it was cool. We recorded half of it at Sun and half of it at Phillips Studio. It included the likes of Jimbo Mathus, Valerie June, John Paul Keith and Chuck Mead just to name a few. Luther Dickinson produced it I was lucky enough to be in the house band with Cody Dickinson on drums. I can tell you the rhythm section was smokin’! I got to sing on one of the tracks as well. I chose a cool number called “Ten Cats Down” by the Miller Sisters – Sun Label rockabilly gals that I always loved. The tune was on the Juke Box in the Soda Shop side of Sun when I worked there and probably still is! I’d always perk up when it came on. It was a blast to cover.

Immediately following that project Luther and I drove down highway 55 to the Zebra Ranch Studio in Coldwater MS to begin a different sort of record. A recording that began as a total experiment, felt like just a bunch of teenagers in a clubhouse in the making of it and turned out breathtaking. I am SOOOO excited about this. The recording is a collective of talented folks sharing a few songs each and allowing the whole group to contribute to the recording of the song. It was a very inspired collaboration with Amy Helm, Luther Dickinson, The Como Mammas, The Birds of Chicago, Sharde Thomas and little ole me… A few other musicians guest on the thing too – Will Sexton played a little guitar, Brian Wells played drums on a couple tracks. It’s really something. The working title that had us all giggling is “The Songbird Sisters of the Strawberry Moon – Summer Solstice Session.” Rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it? 🙂

The Motel Mirrors new record is just off in the distance. It will have an early Fall release. It’s taken forever! I barely remember what it sounds like it been so long – but I remember thinking “this will be magic on a turntable.” It was recorded with the help of a Pledge Music campaign and I bet a bunch of folks think we took the money and ran but I promise it’s coming. With all of us touring in different directions it’s been really tricky to get us all back together again for the final touches, photos etc… But the summer is here and we have carved out a time to pull it together. It’ll be worth the wait.

Although we will still be touring on the weekends, I’ve given myself some time off this summer to write and reinvent the live show. It’s difficult for me to write on the road and I have desperately needed some downtime to finish songs and get a new record ready to record this fall. I also want to learn some new tunes that inspire me, compliment my originals and lift the live show into something a bit more fun. I wanted to teach Will some matching dance moves but he ain’t havin’ it.

Lastly, I have an unconventional acting project being filmed this summer with my friend and Sculptor/Director Brian Pera. It’s more of a galley piece than a film. It’s working title is “Sorry, Not Sorry”.
……and that’s about it for now.